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Dr. Renée Richardson Gosline 

Expert on the intersection of Behavioral Science, AI, and Market Strategy

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Dr. Renée Richardson Gosline is a Research Scientist and Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. She heads the Human-First AI group at MIT's Initiative on The Digital Economy.  


Dr. Gosline is an expert on the intersection between behavioral science and technology, and the implications of AI for human decision-making. As a former practitioner, she applies research-backed insights to strategy in the following areas: 

  • AI and Human Choice/Trust 

  • Customer Experience (CX)

  • Culture of Experimentation

  • Responsible AI

Dr. Gosline is an award-winning professor, keynote speaker, advisor, and forthcoming author.  She has pioneered the practice of friction auditing in AI-mediated systems. 

She attended Harvard University for her Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral education.


Interested in having Dr. Gosline speak at your event? Please contact Stern Strategy Group for booking information:

or +1 908.276.7007

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