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Executive Education

Renée Gosline is an award-winning MIT professor, named one of the world's "Top 40 Professors Under 40" by Poets and Quants and awarded the 2024 Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching (the school's most prestigious teaching award). She has twice been chosen by the graduating class to deliver the esteemed "Last Lecture."

Renée is a highly sought-after for custom Executive Education programs. She has taught thousands of executives from Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries including finance, insurance, CPG, automotive, U.S. Government, beauty, fashion, manufacturing, and convenience retail. She has also created a renowned 3-day Executive Education course at MIT called "Breakthrough Customer Experience Strategy." It covers behavioral science, AI, and experimentation strategy, and has been completed by executives from over 20 different countries.

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Breakthrough Customer Experience

Live online Executive Education course applies a behavioral science foundation to help you develop breakthrough digital customer experience (CX), create different types of value for customers, leverage artificial intelligence, and embrace field experiments for actionable data-based insights.

         Enrollment information here.

"This course 100% exceeded my expectations. Renee is a fantastic professor and brings to the classroom energy, intellect, and bleeding-edge concepts and techniques from her deep research and fieldwork. I felt like everything we were learning was not only extremely applicable but also provided me a strong competitive advantage when it comes to building great customer experiences. I also really enjoyed the studio experience that Renee used throughout the course, it made the class feel much more engaging. - Thank you so much Renée."

--Benjamin B., 2023

"I completed BCX last week and am sad to say, it might have ruined my life.  Since the class ended, I have found myself questioning every touchpoint I have had with the businesses I have interacted with.  I find myself pondering, is this good friction or bad?  Do they know this is a ladder and it should be a chute? In all seriousness, this was a great class, and it will change how we do things in my business."

--Scott T., 2023

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This popular MBA elective, "The Art & Science of Brand Strategy," marries the technical to the behavioral for strategic impact -- and has an extensive wait list every year. In this class, Professor Gosline lays a behavioral science foundation for understanding brand preference in the digital age. She blends her research with experience as a former practitioner (Leo Burnett, LVMH) to lend novel insight into the ways consumers interact with brands.

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